Week 8 Social Web: Twitter and Social Bookmarking

For Class Discussion (to prepare in advance):
Two tool categories for this week: 1 Microblogging (Twitter) and 2 Social Bookmarking tools (Delicious and Diigo). Twitter is more for what are you doing now or sharing resources very briefly and quickly, while social bookmarking: Delicious focuses on sharing and managing resources using tags, and Diigo does similar things with more features for annotating and highlighting (and also sharing them).

Popular Tools – Course Google Site at https://sites.google.com/site/idt351spring2016v3/
Further Resources – These are for those who want to explore further…
For Twitter

For Social Bookmarking

You can comment on any of the following (in your answer, specify which one you are answering between #1 and #2:
  • Both RSS and Social Bookmarking tools are to improve “collective” information management and sharing. What similarities or differences, or strengths or challenges did you find between social bookmarking  vs. RSS?
  • Which of these tools: twitter, delicious, and diigo, or any other will you adopt and use actively? For those who resist, what’s your strategy? What should you consider for organizational/class wide adoption/use?

7 thoughts on “Week 8 Social Web: Twitter and Social Bookmarking”

  1. I am answering question #2. I feel that i will not use any of the tools described above.I already have a twitter account but i rarely ever go on there. so I probably wouldn’t use one for class. this is because I don’t want to open accounts to sites that i would not use in the near future. I feel as though i would just be giving away my information to random sites fort people to hack and use. I would consider using the sites that are provided by the school like zimbra and western online.


  2. I am answering the 1st question.

    Social Bookmarking (SR) and RSS are similar in the respect that they can get information from sources that the user has deemed worthy and they can also organize the information. However, SR allows the sources to be highlighted, noted, tagged, and more so that others can more easily find the information that they are looking for. RSS gives the user information from sites that they have bookmarked as good sources of information whenever they are updated. I also get the feeling that SRs are more useful for research purposes while RSSs are more useful for reading the news and catching up on the latest trends.


  3. #2:

    I used to use Twitter actively. I created my personal account in 2009 but stopped using it several years ago. It was an account for just personal entertainment and to keep in contact with friends. If I were ever to start some type of business or blog, I would definitely use Twitter over Delicious/Diggo. Twitter has so many users and is advertised everywhere. You have the possibility to connect with so many people. With the elections coming up, even each of the Presidential candidates currently running have their own Twitter accounts. Twitter is a great way to share short and sweet information that can grab people’s attention quickly.


  4. #2:

    I believe that twitter would be the best resource for social bookmarking over any of the others listed above. With the vast amount of users and accounts, you can find information on basically anything. I think that twitter is basically the same as Facebook, except with a shorter character limit. I do not see myself using twitter in the future. I am not a fan of giving out any information that is unnecessary or have potential employers look at my presence online and see anything but linkedin.


  5. I love to use Twitter after I created account during our class with IDT351. After I created my account, I found many people who I know them and started to add them as friends. I created for also to learn more about useful information because many of companies and Colleges have an account with Twitter.It is very easy to use it and create account which also helps us to read and retweet with others people. Twitter hasa a huge number of users and is advertised everywhere. It allows you to connect with so many people wheather you know them or not. Twitter is very great tool which provide a news with any beginning of any events. Overall, twitter is a useful method that we can share short and sweet information by attract people’s attention quickly.


  6. #2
    I believe twitter is something I rather use because many people are on it. Also because more professionals use twitter than the other tools mentioned. My strategy for those that resist is just to let them to know that Twitter is more than a social platform. It has news and is a fast way to see updates on followers and is a constant feed. It only allows for short messages so what you see is only short and not a huge status like in Facebook.


  7. I like the thought of using twitter because of how much people use it today. My strategy is to have people answer questions as best as they can with the least amount of words as possible(120 or less characters). This brings on using twitter by not being on the site. I think that they should make a classroom twitter account and that way they can check their classroom twitter account frequently. They can get feedback from students without making them have such long replies. It can be helpful because I know students want input to be simple and to the point; twitter can be the way where they can do it that way.


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