Week 7 RSS and Information Mgmt

For Class Discussion (to prepare in advance):

RSS tools have experienced radical changes over the years. The most dominant player, Google Reader is gone (many people were dismayed and unhappy, but it is what it is), and other Web tools and social media have added RSS features within its own. Of course, some other RSS tools and services have come up to take place Google Reader’s roles. There are other tools also that are not exactly RSS, but have gained niche places to help people better organize a large amount of information. RSS and these tools are to manage information (that is rapidly changing and growing) more effectively and efficiently.
  1. RSS in Plain English by Lee and Sachi Lefever (3.5 minutes)

RSS tools are similar in terms of core features. (1) They provide search feature. You should see that web sites/services where content updates are frequent, they are a good candidate for having RSS features (e.g., news, journals, library search results, discussion threads, etc. – you can enter the name of the web site/journal name directly to the tool’s search field, or from any website you visit and see the orange “rss” button, if you click it, popular RSS subscription tools should pop up. (2) They allow you to organize your subscriptions by folders or categories. (3) They allow you to export/import subscriptions across similar services – most popular tools also allow you to share your subscription(s) with others. In the lab, we will visit popular news sites, journals, and library search results, and each time, will see how the page can be incorporated into your RSS subscription.

  • Feedly
  • Feedspot
  • And more RSS tools or feeders – Some are for desktop and platform specific
  • RSS Mix (web service) – If students work on research or web search, their search URLs can be combined and created into a RSS feed
  • If you know HTML code and DreamWeaver, this service automatically converts any RSS feed into a JavaScript code, which you can insert within a

    tag. This way, from 250, you learned how to create events/news on the site, and allow people to subscribe to your web page (RSS to Javascript)

  • Netvibes, Flipboard, vs. MyYahoo – Each tool  allows you to add many panels/flakes to a single web page. The first two allow you to organize panels by different RSS feeds (if the web site provides RSS feeds). As of 2/16/2014, Pageflakes’ DNS registration has expired (and this is strange, people expect that to come back soon). Google also used to have a feature called iGoogle that is similar to MyYahoo, then discontinued its service recently. Case in point? Invest in big pictures, major functionalities – things will change, and you can catch up quickly!
Further Resources

  1. Blog search from Google or Technorati’s watchlist – same action as above can be done
  2. Social search (social media search)
You can comment on any of the following:
  • How have you managed a lot of resources or information you have found on the Web? Have you used RSS or any tools introduced here before, or any other similar tool to better track or organize your subscriptions?
  • Which features or functions did you find as very useful from which tool? How will you use  the tool/service more in the future?
  • For more active and better use of the RSS or information organization tool in class or training, what would you suggest?

7 thoughts on “Week 7 RSS and Information Mgmt”

  1. I think I do have used something familiar with RSS. It comes with HTC smartphone. I believe it’s Sense 6 and I don’t know about newer version. But it’s really useful that it appears to be the table of the screen and you can manage the resources that you choose what you want to see. And it will update the content once connected to Wifi or manually. I have to say it’s really a good thing that you can quickly updated with news and other things. I think RSS could be a good feature to be used in learning and training. But as a standalone feature, it will not be that attractive. I would recommend it become a main feature of an app so that people could easily get updated and manage what they need to do or just do it with the app.


  2. When I was looking at Feedly, the entire concept of having the news coming to me was a new one. Everything that I found was shocking to me. Organizing the different news sources by categories was something foreign-but-helpful for me. Also being able to find different sources that I frequent or want-to-frequent within Feedly itself was a timesaver as well and will be even more useful when I expand upon what I have in my newsfeed. I may be able to also use it to organize my research into different categories and save paper in the long run. I will also use it to keep track of the Youtube channels I frequent and news sources that I want to read from. Now knowing that this technology exists will expand my learning of this world and of others to come.


  3. I think I have used something similar on my android phone. There is a screen dedicated to news and social media apps that I have. It is constantly updated and the user can choose how often it is updated and what exactly they want to see. I think its useful that I can choose what information I can see and what is trending the most on each source of media I have. I would suggest using a tool that updates on information that is being taught.


  4. I do not have much experience with RSS feeds because unfortunately, I do not use them. I have seen them being used and multiple mobile devices and implemented onto different web pages. I think this is a wonderful tool for those who frequent certain webpages on a daily or weekly basis. I do not like subscribing to anything and I have no websites that I visit every day or even often enough for me to consider putting them in an RSS feed. It is a wonderful organizational tool and is great for those who use it, but there are some out there (like myself) who really have no use for it in their present day life. Maybe later on in the future I will adopt this technology, but as of now, I will be continuing to use the internet as I do now.


  5. I have never used an actual RSS website to receive new information. I think most phones (I have an iPhone) have something similar for news. I have never used it though. Public social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and more) are also kind of similar because you “follow” what you are interested in and the info comes to you without you having to go check their page. Another thing that I have done is subscribe to my favorite stores/restaurants email lists. I first did this when I read an article that named all these restaurants/stores that give you free things on your birthday (who doesn’t love free things?!). All you had to do is subscribe to their website and then during your birthday month, you’d get all these coupons for free/discounted things. It definitely is worth it during your birthday month, but otherwise, it clogs up my email sometimes and I just delete it without opening. This is a benefit for these businesses because most of them send out daily/weekly emails to promote their upcoming sales and gain profit. It’s great for them. Then there are people like me that don’t unsubscribe and still get there emails and when something I really like is on sale, I’d go get it, when normally I probably wouldn’t because I didn’t go out of my way to check their site or store to see what’s going on. Their info came to me.


  6. I have a little experience with RSS tool . I know that the RSS is a format for delivering regularly changing web content. Many news-related sites, weblogs and other online publishers syndicate their content as an RSS Feed to whoever wants it. I think this is a great tool for people who visit certain webpages on a daily or weekly basis. I think RSS is very useful tool which solves a problem for people who regularly use the web. It allows you to easily stay informed by retrieving the latest content from the sites you are interested in. You save time by not needing to visit each site individually. You ensure your privacy, by not needing to join each site’s email newsletter. The number of sites offering RSS feeds is growing rapidly and includes big names like Yahoo News. I have done is subscribe to my favorite stores such as apple store which allows me to read many of useful books. Overall, RSS tool is very helpful by making us know about any new things.


  7. I have a way where I can save all of my wanted links, I use a standard stick note on either my phone or my laptop. That is how I usually save my wanted information I find online. Granted, its not organized or kept in a clean proper page but it is something that works. I do subscribe to lots of websites, such as Kate Spade and Victorias Secret.
    I have heard of RSS but I don’t think I’ve ever used it. I honestly see it on many websites that allow you to use/press RSS tools; its vastly growing to lots of websites.


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