Week 5 Blogging

For Class Discussion (to prepare in advance):
Among many and evolving web 2.0 tools, blogging should be the first one worth being discussed. Blogging has changed web publishing in a radical manner, and it has revolutionized news publishing, marketing, and even journalism. Class lecture goes over good principles/practices of blog writing and in the lab, students will create a blog using blogger.com (should send the URL to the instructor via gmail or post URL on WesternOnline by Sunday midnight).
  1. Educause’s 7 Things You Should Know About Blogs
  2. Reflecting, Writing, and Responding: Reasons Students Blog by Carie (Windham) Page
Blogging Tools – As a group or by yourself, select one blogging tool from below or any popular one, then post a needed information about the tool to the Course Google Site (will update link here).
Further Resources (for those who are interested in exploring further about blogging – these sources provide many excellent examples, ideas, or templates)

Your comment can be on any one of the followings, please make your comment as to the point, and address all parts concisely and thoroughly (200-250 words, using course contents, sharing resources/experiences are very helpful!):

  • Which blogging tool is your favorite, why? Which feature(s) did you find most useful for teaching or learning?
  • Any difficulty or problems experienced in publishing contents or using the tool? Did it make you think about challenges in adopting and leveraging blogging?
    For adoption or implementation within an organization, what is important?
  • For what purposes do you plan to use your blog? Class lecture showed possible applications, such as portfolio, content/file management, class discussion, etc.

6 thoughts on “Week 5 Blogging”

  1. After looking at the other blogs, I found that the one that I think is the best for teaching is Blogger. The first thing that caught my attention about it is that it is free (I always like having free stuff). The second thing was is that it was very simple to use. This is a huge plus for me because I have never attempted nor wanted to have and use a blog before. A third plus about Blogger was the fact that multiple people can manage a blog at the same time. I found this to be a great feature in the educational setting. The students would invite the teacher to be part of their blog, the students would write up their posts, but not publish them, and the teacher could then look over the post to see if it is relevant and appropriate to the topic. The owner of the blog can also choose what kind of people can view the blog – anyone who happens to come across it, only those with Blogger accounts, or only those that the author chooses worth enough to pass. This leads to another plus as the teacher can make it so that only those in the class can view the blog, giving them privacy they might not otherwise have.

    I hope to learn a lot from blogging.


  2. My favorite blogging tool would have to be blogger because it’s free. I think its more useful and will be used more if its free especially for college students who can’t really afford to pay weekly or monthly payments to keep a blog going especially if its just a hobby and not professional at all. I think it was useful that multiple people can use the blog because that means you have three different ideas and or experts in different areas that can work together to create something that is very helpful. I also think its a very nice feature to allow only certain people to see as well as not having to publish something in order for a specific person to see such as a professor or classmate. I don’t plan to use my blog besides using it for this class purpose I would probably not use it outside of class or once the class is finished


  3. My favorite blogging tool is Blogger. Mostly because it is free and it is easy to use. the fact that you can link your google account to it makes it even better. The feature that I found most useful for teaching and learning were the comment and sharing features. This is because it allows others to express their thoughts about your post. You can also receive some great feed back from others that are within your field of study. The only difficulty I had while using the feature was when I posted on my Blogger and went to my Google profile I could not see the post. once I figured out what I did wrong it was easy to post and share things. It made me rethink the whole blogging process and if it was worth completing. to implement an organization into the blog the important part would have to be the information that is posted on the blog and the people that are allowed to see it. I plan to use my blog for class and information that pertains to IDT.


  4. My favorite blogging tool is Blogger because it is an easy-to-use and free platform that requires only a Gmail/Google account to get started. The most useful for teaching or learning by blogger we can be customized with new backgrounds and layouts easily. Blogger is very great to find answers from people common questions about your jobs or any thing else. Unsurprisingly, the platform is hardwired into Google’s AdSense advertising program and other Google services like Google (for comments) and Feed burner (for RSS distribution) are easily configured. Blogger allows us by give a comment for each of us. some of difficulty that I have for using blogger tool that It’s important to make sure that you’re using quality blogging tools that can scale appropriately as your blog continues to grow because Blogger is updated often as new blogging tools which we should follow our blog to update it each time. The important part of organization is that you most make your blogger for public which allows to people to read and give their feedback about what you have posted. Also the other an important organization is that I try to write about creativity, self-development, and travel. My plan to use my blog is that to post my experiences with Instructional design and technology also for some of my applications that I have done through IDT major.


  5. Blogger has to be one of my favorite blogging tools. I actually remember blogging online in middle school, probably in 2002 or 2003. It wasn’t anything special or important, just more like a journal at that age. I remember my first post being about how I was excited that my best friend (who went to another school) was ‘shadowing’ me at my school for the day. Back then I believe I used LiveJournal.com for my posts. When I got older I started to write more entries about things that others can relate to or just purely my opinion on topics. I have used Tumblr and WordPress for those. I always thought about taking it more seriously and started a ‘real blog’ and may still do it in the future.
    I also like WordPress. It has a lot more potential that I thought it does. My company’s website (www.reltd.com) was actually switched over to WordPress not too long ago. With all the code in the site, it doesn’t look like a ‘blogging’ site at all, but to edit it and add ‘new entries’ it is rather easy, once it’s already been set up.


  6. I have two favorites when it comes to blogging tools, I like Wix because of the format and how clean it looks. I would choose that site if I wanted a perfect looking blog. I also like Blogger because it is free as well as very easy to work with. I think as a teacher Blogger would be the best due to being compatible with Google. I think this way it could work with the rest of the Google applications.
    When it comes to Wix it does take time and formatting effort and that is why I don’t think it would be best for the classroom environment. This would be for more artistic people that want to put that effort in. This would bring their work for everyone to see with some limitations(if they are going about the free route) but since I am artsy I do like this site.
    Blogger can be very flexible and simple to work with when it comes to bringing this to a classroom. I can see this being used for English journals since writing is becoming obsolete.
    I think I would use the blog aspect within my classroom as a reflection and note taking page. That way I can visually see that they are taking the information in every day as well as using the blog to process and break down the information.


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