Week 2 Class 2 Learning 2.0

Class discussion
#1~3 illustrates emerging/promising practices and challenges surrounding education. #4 and 5 embody the power of experiential and hands-on learning driven by authentic and relevant tasks. #5 incorporating elements of situated learning, communities of practice, and Dewey’s productive inquiry. It introduces many innovative and exemplary educational practices from all over the world.
  1. Information R/evolution by Michael Wesch (under 6 minutes)
  2. What is Web 2.0 by UTech (under 6 minutes) – Another good video on Web 2.0 (consisting of interpersonal computing, Web services, and Software as a Service (SAAS) (7 min)
  3. Learning to change – Changing to learn (5 minutes)
  4. From Knowledge to Knowledgeable by Michael Wesch (17 mins video)
  5. Minds on Fire: Open Education, the Long Tail, and Learning 2.0 by John Seely Brown and Richard P. Adler
You will see that media always portray brighter pictures of technology, when the reality of tech integration for teaching/learning and its impact are complex, dynamic, and often slow/disappointing. I say, technology is as only good as people behind it. People talk about something as the next killer application, much less discussed among practitioners is how instructional design and learning principles should apply to guide the use of media (because those two drive what people do with tech). Further resources below introduce many short and informative videos about today’s learners and what’s happening with teachers and schools.
As/after you review these materials, think about:
  • What is learning at its core? How one should learn? How has your view of learning changed?
  • How learning will become different because of the Web?
  • Should any workplace or school actively adopt/use web tools/services into curriculum?
  • If you are an ID person or one with expertise in instructional technology, what are the implication of these materials?
Further resources:

9 thoughts on “Week 2 Class 2 Learning 2.0”

  1. Learning is not simply the obtaining of knowledge, but also the use of that knowledge. Nothing we are taught, in any level of the education system, is taught without a purpose or meaning. This means that we are meant to use the information given to use to help ourselves, others, the environment, the economy, etc. Each individual learns best in their own way, some people are more hands on while others simply take notes. It is essential that we reach everyone the best way that they learn so that they can gain the information necessary to do great things. Growing up, I always thought of school as just completing one task to move on to the next one. This process would repeat until I was out of school and got a job. As I got older, I realized that the information that was being taught needed to be put to use. My mindset started shifting and I now am able to learn a lot easier because I see education as a way of better preparing myself for what I will have to do in the “real world”.


  2. I think in the end learning is just the ability to be able to know or who how to do something that someone else has taught you. I also think of learning of being able to recite what you have been taught. The way one should leaner is up to an individual. There are many ways to teach something and to learn something and to each person its different. I believe that its hard for every student to learn in a classroom environment because one single teacher cannot change his or her style of teaching every day to meet each individual needs. Learning will become different because everything is on the web. If a student does not go to class or does not pay attention they can easily find out that information online thus they aren’t really learning anything. I believe everyone should adopt web tools and services into their curriculum but with a limit. I believe that like cursive reading a hardcopy book will soon fade away as well so I think it would be a good idea to move forward and have these web tools available in the classrooms and workspace.


  3. Learning should not only learning theory, but also should learn to do something. Everyone should have his own way to learn. By reading, by doing or something else. Learning changed a lot during the past years. Teachers start to using computers to help better present information and also posting homework, learning material online. Learning become more easy because of the Web. Nowadays, we can just search the internet and find what we want to learn and start learning. It’s ok not to adopt web tools into the curriculum, but it’s much easier if have web tools in the class. It helps to give information to students, save the time showing students information in classroom. I think the materials really helps me to think about how the web tools influences my life and how they have influences on learning.Also, as the web tools have much influences on learning, it makes think what is the purpose of learning。


  4. Overall I see learning as taking in as much information and being able to break it down on your own. It can be taken in many ways depending on the person and the classroom. A teacher can only give the student the tools to break down the information taught to them; it is up to the student to break down. I think that needing to write will soon not be needed; I also think that a majority of class time will be online. I think shift into this mindset of incorporating technology as soon as possible so you can adapt as well as your students.


  5. Learning is the want of knowledge; the constant evolution of the world around you as you take on new information that you didn’t have before. There are a ton of ways people can learn. Some are audio, some visual, some through getting up and doing it, and some need a combination of the three in order to do so. My view of learning has changed to realize that it is beyond the classroom. Every time I looked up something about a show or a video game that I liked or I looked up how to fix a bug in my code, I was learning something new. I am always learning whether it be through books or through the internet or through other people.

    Learning has already changed because of the internet. People are now able to learn from top researchers by going online and reading about their latest discovery. People can publish stuff to the web and people can comment about it. People can learn what other people are going through in real time. It’s amazing to see how we are growing as a people and how this is changing the world around us.

    Knowing this, I do think schools and workplaces should take advantage of this new technology. Of course, not every classroom and not every business is ready for the integration of such change. They should research what is possible and see if it is right for them before taking the first step into using it.

    These materials are showing how much our world has changed. Learning itself has changed. IDs need to be able to keep up with all of these new tools and be able to pick the right one to get the job done. Is a blog the right way to go? A Youtube video? A teacher and textbook combo? There are so many ways this world is changing that I don’t think it will ever stop.


  6. Learning is the desire for knowledge and going out into the world to get it. One can learn by looking, by listening, and by, as Mz. Frizzle would put it, take chances, make mistakes, and get messy.
    Learning is different because we have much more access to information. There is a lot more we have to sift through in order to get the stuff that we need. We can connect with people that we couldn’t before and give feedback on what we think.
    I do think that the workplace and schools should adopt using the web into the curriculum, but this isn’t true for all places. Research should be done to see if this is the best choice for the place.
    These materials are saying that the web should be taken seriously in the world of learning. A lot can be done with these tools and a lot can be learned from them as well. With the proper instruction, anyone can become a teacher and everyone is a learner.


  7. learning at its core to me can be collecting data online to expand your knowledge of the world or sitting in a class trying to sustain the information being taught to develop and understand skills that may never be used in the real world. There is no right or wrong way of learning. this is because if I learn and understand something one way a peer may learn and understand it a totally different way and we both get the same results. My view of learning has not changed at all, for as long as I can remember I have been fascinated with learning through technology and finding ways that I can apply technology to teaching methods from classes that I have taken. The web has taken learning to a new level that people in the 80s and 90s would never have thought possible. in the far but near future i feel that the web will expand the way of learning even more. pretty soon there will be computers have already been implemented into the classroom setting, the next big step is virtual imagery. I have been stuck on the idea of virtual imagery being implemented into the classroom because it can be a way for students to get first hand experience of and actual 3D image or setting that can help them understand a topic more than a textbook or powerpoint slide would. I feel that work places and schools have actively adopted web tools into their curriculum, although it could be added even more into the curriculum.


  8. The learning at its core means Depth into ideas by Make them clearer, and more strong. Anyone can learn by reading or writing but needs to think what useful information. Some books have a lot of chapters and we need to summary the important information for each chapter of the book. My view of learning that new technology can change education method by improve and make it more useful. Learning become more easy because of the Web. By the web we can search the internet and get every thing that we want to know or learn. I think it is important for workplace or school to use web tool into curriculum because web tool can develop student skills with research. The implication of these materials maybe will soon fade because most of school began to use instructional technology and web tool instead reading by books. I think it will be better way to use web tool instead books which allow students learning more than they read by books.


  9. Learning at its core is how to make ideas and facts easier and clear for others to understand. I think everyone is different in the way that they learn. My view of learning has changed because I now see how far we can take thinks and how far we can change things to help others learn.
    Learning will change a lot because of the web. It will change the way we teach and the way people will learn. It can be very useful but also can have a set back since people can look up all the information online and there would be no reason to remember anything that is taught in the classroom. I do think they should be applied into the classroom because it can make curriculum more entertaining but also make things move faster.


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