Week 2 Class 1 First Discussion

For course overview and expectation, please see the syllabus.
This course blogging site will work as an archive of web tools and services. Per selected week, the instructor will post a prompt for students’ blogging participation, which will work for your personal reflection as well as formative evaluation (e.g., suggestion, satisfaction, correction, etc.). Your comment can be brief, directed to the instructor’s post or others’ comments, and should address your positive/negative experiences, suggestions for improvement, and/or insights for improving the course. The only criterion is, your comment must add ‘substance’ to your learning or to the course.
The first prompt for you to comment is to share attitude/belief about web tools/services (e.g., whether they will truly change education/learning, whether it is another hype or passing trend, whether they must be used more for teaching/learning, etc). If there is a tool you already use for learning or sharing and you find it as very beneficial, you can use your experience to support your argument. Before class on W, check how others think of web tools for teaching/learning. There is no correct or wrong answer – you can be honest!

8 thoughts on “Week 2 Class 1 First Discussion”

  1. There are many different web tools out there that can be used instruction. I personally like using Wikis to learn more about stuff. I usually use them for learning about video games or TV shows, but it is a great place to start with the learning process as they are usually for the fans, by the fans. Youtube is also a great place to learn things. I watch videos that have an educational and entertainment value. There’s a lot out there that people can learn. Of course, quoting Uncle Ben from Spider Man, “With great power comes great responsibility.” People can misuse this power very easily, so we need to be able to differentiate from what is good information and what is bad.


  2. i think that web tools will change education/learning. looking back at my middle school days up till now, that change has already been made. For example search engines like Google and Ask, and the tools that are there helped me a lot through high school. Also web tools that continue to help and change the way of teaching/learning are Keynote, Paper.li, Edutopia, Prezi, Dropbox, Evernote, and lots of others. I have used all of these tools over ten times to complete assignments and projects.


  3. Web tools can be used for education and learning. But not all of them is good for learning. Youtube can a good example of web tools used for learning. People posting videos teaching how to do a certain thing. I think a tool which is designed for education could use more. But public tools such as Facebook or twitter is not good enough for teaching and learning.


  4. There are many several web tools that we can use them to learn. I personally like using YouTube to learn more about anything that I need. I sometimes use YouTube to learn how can I develop my design. For example, When I want to design my own website by Dreamweaver, I go to youtube to watch some useful information about website codes. Therefore, some of the web tools are good tools for education that make people easy to learn without help.


  5. I believe there are many web tools that can change the way we learn. I really like to use WIKI as a means of getting information fast. I think that using web tools for learning can be used more because everyone is glued to the computer and the web so moving towards using that to everyones advantage will be good. Some web tools can also set back education such as spellchecker. This is bad for education because it teaches people that they do not need to know how to spell anything since it will be automatically corrected for them. Another bad web tool would be social media though it has it’s pros such as opening opportunities and being able to show your skills if not used wisely it can have a negative affect on students such as procrastination.


  6. Web tools/services have revolutionized the way that people in education learn today. It is no longer just reading out of a textbook and taking notes. The internet and all that it has to offer greatly benefits the learning of anyone who wants to expand their knowledge. These technologies should be implemented more within the school system. Not just at the collegiate level, but also middle school and grade school. This technology isn’t going to go away, it will continue to be the primary resource of information for anyone who has access to it.


  7. Web tools and services have changed in the way where the educators have the upper hand in utilizing it in their classrooms every day. Nowadays you don’t need a textbook to breakdown your lesson plans but links, resources, videos and tutorials can break down the classroom to be just as much a textbook. As much as possible, faculty should be able and willing to implement web tools in the classroom and the breakdown of the schools itinerary. From grammar school to the collegiate level this should be used. Some people are skeptical on using technology in the classroom which is understandable but until they see how much they get from using technology they won’t be disappointed.


  8. Web tools/services and all things via the internet are definitely not a phase. I truly believe they will continue to advance. Even from the time our class book was published in 2009, there have been numerous changes and advancements. Speaking on just social media, the book mentioned MySpace and that practically disappeared when it was so bug at one point. Now things such as Instagram or Snapchat are taking over. In regards to education or the professional world, e-learning, webinars, and more are also expanding. A friend of mine has a son in 1st grade and they are already using iPads on a daily basis and doing their homework on it an submitting it via the Internet. This is only the beginning…


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